Why I’m Breaking Habit and Training For My 4th Camino


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Pyrenees, France - September 22nd 2013 - 23For all my previous Caminos, I’d done zero training; no extra walking and hiking and was overweight for each of them.  I’ve had this discussion with others who have completed the walk about training for it and we all agreed; you can’t train for what it is meant to be and you don’t need to train, as long as you can walk (and keep walking).  Sure, some of the times I was there it’s been more difficult than it should be but you get better everyday, drop inches off your waistline and start slow enough that you engage with others.  But this time is different. Continue reading


Fasting Mimicking Diet – Round 1


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I’ve done a few gateway diets over the last year including juicing and the Whole 30 but this time wanted to do something a little different that didn’t take such a long period of time or preparation.  I had toyed with the idea of a 5 day water fasting before but while looking up for more information on it’s pros and cons, I came across a Rich Roll episode with Dr Joel Khan which indirectly, got me to the quantifiedbob site.


I ended up for the most part, following the quantifiedbob plan, with a few modifications. Day 1 aside, most of the macronutrient splits were close to the ideal but for the next time I do this in a month, I’ll increase the food slightly to get closer to 800 calories per day.  I’m looking to repeat the 5 days on/25 days off for the next 2 months to see how my bloodworm ends up, so this first effort was more of an experiment on how my body would deal with such an extreme. If you’re curious as to what my solid meals looked like, here’s a few of them:


And now on to the details/results…
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