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This is a bit of a departure from my normal entries but over the last few months I’ve been loving experimenting with juicing.  I’ll be adding any combinations in this post that I’ve found particularly enjoyable instead of making separate posts, so bookmark this entry if you’re interested in just juicing updates!

For all recipes below, just push all ingredients through a juicer.

Multivitamin Mix:
1 Beet – peeled.
½ Medium pineapple – skinned and cored.
½ Pint Strawberries – stems removed.
2″ Cube of Ginger.

Healthy Skin:
½ Cup Radish – chopped.
6 Cups Green grapes (with seeds preferred).
½ Bunch Watercress or 4 Kale leaves.
1 Large Cucumber.
1″ Cube of Ginger.