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Chicken Burritos with Feta Crema

2 Tsp Paprika.
1 Tsp Garlic salt.
1 Tsp Pepper.
1 Tsp Cumin.
1lb Chicken breast – cut into 1″ cubes.
½ Cup Sour cream.
½ Jalapeno chile – seeded and chopped.
½ Cup Feta cheese – crumbled.
1 Tblsp Lime juice.
3 Tblsp Olive oil.
3 Roma tomatoes – seeded and chopped.
4 Spring onions – thinly sliced.
4 Four large flour tortillas – warmed.
2 Cups Red cabbage – finely shredded.
½ Cup Cilantro – chopped.

1. Whisk together the paprika, garlic salt, pepper and cumin, then coat the chicken evenly with the mixture.

2. Stir sour cream, jalapeno, feta and lime juice in a small bowl to make the feta crema.

3. Heat oil in a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Cook chicken until brown, turning once – approximately 7 minutes total.

4. Add tomatoes and onion to pan, stirring to blend.

5. Divide chicken mixture between burritos, top with cabbage and cilantro and drizzle over the feta crema.