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I’ve been back from my travels for three weeks now and still diluting my trip and what comes next.  Return has been somewhat of an anticlimax with no profound insights nor, for that matter, moments of panic that I’ve got to get moving with the next steps in life.  Overall I’m extremely happy with the way things unfolded during the last three months (yes, even four days of Greek stomach tragedy) and one can’t help but feel that internally at least, I’ve continued to have grown and moved on a bit more.

For me, hitting the road is no longer an excuse to escape, to party, run away, or even to lay idle on some beach.  I’m travelling to find answers, often to questions I haven’t even thought of yet and know that on my continued journey, I’ll utilize my insights somewhere further up the path.

Being back home is mere pause for thought, until I work out which next steps to take.  Currently I have no idea as to what that entails but despite a cooling off period of the last three weeks, I’m fully conscious not to let time waste and will be busy planning again, soon.