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Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be boarding the Amtrak in Seattle to spend 45 hours crawling to Chicago, hopefully involving some sleep and conversation with random travelers along the way. Having grown up in a country with a substantial train system, it’s been on my mind to attempt the same method of travel across states I’ve flown many times, and to see if the posters of yesteryear can still bully the senses with thunderous feelings of power, as iron and steel behemoths slice their way through never-ending landscapes.

I started my US travels in Chicago, on the 25th May 2007. It’s taken 3 years to cover the lower 48 states, after planning to do them all in a year. Things have changed a lot since those first days, especially when it comes to decisiveness and taking ownership. Even the downsides have been positively influential; the long path across this land becoming an incubator to thoughts and experiences that should have been realised 20 years ago. Getting a strong foothold and announcing your presence to the world doesn’t happen overnight. No matter how long it takes, once you’ve decided to make that announcement, you’re on your way – better late than never.