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Goals of enlightenment should always include moments of complete bliss and gratefulness of the path we’re on. I’ve come away from my recent weekend break with many such moments, all of which were reflected upon with the culminating event of a gentle flight across the snow blankets of the cascade mountains, and a piercing sun to guide the way home. Solitary thoughts that should the world end at this second, I am truly happy and have deepened faith in the spirit of people.

Looking at life charging its way through peoples eyes, dodging worry, anger, fear and exhaustion, and breaking to a single piercing point of happiness is truly inspirational. For some people, the fight that is raging within makes an occasional appearance to the surface, like some simmering possession that wants not so much to take over, as to be submitted to. A distant look would appear; “I’m tired…” echoes unheard throughout the room and with that thought, a flash of anger and a facial contortion of “Oh no you don’t…”.

Something completely fascinating to me has been the reflex actions by the family – as if there were some mental link sending out instructions to the hive on a change in state and how to compensate for it. Despite an intense love for my own family, we never achieved that vast emotional awareness of each other. We’re an introverted bunch when you get past the surface; just some of the baggage that I had carried into the role as a parent. Because of this, I am incredibly grateful, however short a time it had been, for the acceptance into the current fold and the opportunity to observe and engage with a group of truly bonded people. Thank you all, so very, very much for the enlightenment you gave me and which continues to make me grow.