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While there are many usable soundbites from this book, it didn’t quite capture the magic of self-employment that Pam Slim so eloquently covers in ‘Escape from Cubicle Nation’. Tim Ferriss comes across as someone who just happens to land in scenarios that enable him to experiment with the direction of work and life, which some of us just don’t have the luxury of….yet. The whole book could be summarized in far less words as to simply outsource everything you can and trust in the people you employ.

There is so much in here that is common sense and those with at least a few smarts or industry experience will not find anything new. If on the other hand, you spend your days stressing about the business you’ve already grown and haven’t worked out the logistics of backing off, this could be a kick in the right direction.

As with most ‘inside information’ these days, don’t expect to find the bonus information on the website particularly explosive or even up-to-date. The intention here is good but you’ll get a better structure for new forays into the freelance game, or even advancing your small business, elsewhere.