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When starting out in freelance, self-doubt often tries to talk you out of pursuing anything, leaving you wondering if you’ll ever be smart/talented/lucky/<insert excuse here> enough to do anything worthwhile in life. Filling your head with the idea of waking from a work coma when you’re 65, pondering the beginning of your non-working life at the beginning of your twilight years, can kill any enthusiasm before it ever ignites.

Well guess what? You Are Worthwhile.

Knowing this is not only important for having confidence in your talents or career, it’s extremely important for getting yourself through the moments in life that kick you while you’re down.

I wrote a while back in my 3rd Finding Focus post, that the most important thing was to just keep moving forward. When things got too tough, it was really O.K to slow down for a bit as long as you keep moving. The fact is, self doubt saturates all our lives and we need to understand how we as individuals deal with it. Recognize how normal it is, make sure you acknowledge it and then push it to one side. I was once told at a younger age “You know, I really wish you had more belief in yourself” and it was true, I had precious little. I’ve learned a great deal about myself over the last 10 years and know that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, it’s how you understand the failure and just learn to move on.

Situations may dictate that nobody wants to buy your product, pay for services, or thinks you’re capable enough to get the job done. These responses can be examined accordingly, so I can change the numbers until I find the combination that works. The goal of this post is to caution you against defeating yourself before you even start. It’s not an easy roadblock to either understand or get through – only in hindsight after you ‘get it’, does it become beautiful simplicity. Learn your fears, talk to them, tell them you appreciate the input but by simply trying, that makes you worthwhile.