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Today was the start of the long journey back to Seattle and the first leg was a nine hour stretch on the Cruz del Sur. I thought that after enjoying the lower VIP section, that I wouldn’t be able to deal with the smaller standard seats upstairs but they were still roomy and comfortable. They also recline almost fully and I was yet again, able to manage the impossible of some sleep on the bus.

After sitting on the bus for so long, I wasn’t in the mood to haggle over taxis on the exit from the terminal and was hopeful when a driver walked up smiling and asking if we’d like a ride. Something I hadn’t noticed before when leaving Lima, was the same pricing board that I’d encountered in Chiclayo. This one said 35 soles to the airport which seemed pretty steep, compared to the guide books recommendation of around 15. I’d already decided that I wouldn’t be paying more than 20 and offered this to the driver, at which point, he promptly laughed and walked off shaking his head. Another driver headed over and offered the trip for 30 but I was pretty adamant. He dropped the price to 25 and complained about the traffic, but then finally agreed after I walked off, saying I had nothing more than 20.

It took forever to cover what looked like a short distance on the map to the airport, but the route took us through some of the more interesting areas of Lima, including the district with governmental buildings and it was nice to be able to get some kind of perception of Lima, that was more positive than the first night of arrival, three weeks ago.

Now I’m at the airport and all checked in, after having to wait for the AA desk to open at 7pm. Lima airport doesn’t have much in the way of choice, to keep you entertained for longer stays before take-off, so it’s time for a few celebratory drinks before catching the first of three flights back to Seattle, starting at around midnight.