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Hostel Colonial has a good rating from the guide book I have but upon arrival, it’s pretty lacking. There’s major construction going on in the middle of the building and the rooms are small and old, in a grubby way. As check-in wasn’t for a couple of hours, we were put in a holding room, which had plywood walls and camp beds.

With a bit of time free until our afternoon tour and room change, we tried out some of the highly recommended food in the restaurant next door. The food is good (but nothing to rave about) and beats snacking on junk food. After catching up with Email online, we managed to get moved to the correct room. With barely enough space to fit the bed in, hard scratchy blankets and rattling windows, it’s quite a disappointment. Considering we’ve been to far poorer areas such as Nazca and had far superior accomodation for the price, I expected much more.

Trujillo is the most ‘western’ city on this trip so far, with standard looking high-streets and more informal dress. There are still fleets of taxis forever honking but you feel less of a tourist here and don’t stand out as much.

The afternoon tour was excellent and cheap, covering two good archeological sites, a couple of mediocre reference museums and a trip to Huanchaco beach. The two main sites were the Dragon/Rainbow temple, and Chan Chan. The Chimu tribes of the time encompassed a vast area of which the grandness and scale of the buildings can be experienced, at the sandy remains of the Chan Chan ruins.

After the last stop of the four hour tour for a short peaceful stroll along Huanchaco beach, it was back to the hotel and grab some food before hitting the hay. It’s not going to be fun, trying to sleep on this hard, itchy bed.