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The reception guy must be bored, as well as a star. Picking up the change and receipt for hotel payment, he was in the middle of arranging a bus for us to Trujillo in the morning. Turns out that Emtrafesa aren’t answering the phone, so we’re booked on Transporte Linea at 6am. Apparently all I have to do is turn up at the bus station and say I have seats 7 and 8 under Mr Mike for Trujillo. Sounds simple enough.

We were about to head out to get some snacks for the evening when the guy pulled up Google translate and proceeded to spend the next hour, asking what bands we liked and showing some old rock vids like Journey, on youtube. It’s great to share some culture, even if it is a little abstract. Heading to bed early, to ensure the 5:30am taxi is caught.