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Lambayeque, Peru - 22nd September 2009 - 6I think the lack of translation has forced me to sit back and relax for a bit, before the flights home in a few days. The hotel pool is a little too dirty to float in, the staff are usually missing from the bar or front and there’s no compelling sightseeing to be had around town. It’s a good thing to enjoy the end of a trip, instead of mad rushing.

This morning it was time to hit up the Sipan museum – the reason I chose a hotel in this town in the first place. 10 soles to get in and it took a good 2 hours to see all the artifacts on display. Very well laid out and interesting, but a lot of exhibits are the same. There’s no photography allowed in the museum, so nothing to post and a lot of the larger exhibits are representations. It’s certainly not worth a visit just to see the museum, unless you have a strong interest in artifacts of the era and even then, there are often better examples in the major museums of the US and Europe (mostly, because we claimed all the good stuff).

Took another brief walk around the main square for a few pics of the ‘hood, before heading back to the hotel, via a pastry shop. Picked up a couple of sodas and random cakes, of which all except one, tasted like stale synthetic sponges. Tried to book the Cruz del Sur tickets online in the reception but the browser is so old, that it just kept dropping errors when processing the credit card payment. Just going to have to try and book something tomorrow morning while at the bus station, or first thing when arriving in Trujillo.

The guy at the front desk is getting more helpful and along with the Google translate widget, we negotiated a taxi for 5:30am tomorrow to Chiclayo, which should enable us to book and catch a 6am bus to Trujillo. We also paid up for the room and are currently awaiting the 10 soles change and receipt for payment. Nothing to do for the rest of the day except chill. It’s going to be a fun day acquiring tickets tomorrow.