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Headed back to the same Restaurante Touristico for dinner as the local eateries were either closed, or looked like they were inviting some food poisoning. This time out, I ordered the Pescado de Limon and B ordered something we couldn’t fully translate, apart from ‘fried potato’. What I thought would be lemon fish, was actually raw fish in a lime dressing. I figured that with no major travels happening before heading back to the US, it was time to tempt fate on my stomach – as of writing this entry, there are no signs of illness thus far; *whew*.   B’s dish surprisingly, was a whole fried fish. I say surprisingly because there was no mention of fish in the translations that we were doing, so they must be calling it something else. After polishing off a few beers and the food, we were trying to leave but the female owner was trying to communicate something, accompanied by a scrawl of handwriting on some paper. None of us could understand each other but she kept smiling and handed over a business card before we eventually exited.

The main guy wasn’t in the office upon our return, so we’re going to try scheduling bus tickets tomorrow. All we need to manage, is getting from here to Lima within the next three days, and we’ll be golden.