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After the crappy food last night and B getting ill from it, she’s too sick to travel now. Poor thing has been up all night with something akin to food poisoning and will have to miss the Inca Trail. Thankfully we brought enough medication for such incidences. I’ve been much luckier with my digestive system and think that the mild intro to local food I had at the start of the trip, has enabled me to adjust better.
Cusco, Peru - 11th September 2009 - 2Speaking of food, the limited menu here at the Niños is very tasty. Best scrambled eggs I’ve had and the all-day breakfast is both cheap and filling. After fuelling up, I headed down to the Llamapath offices to pay up my portion of the Inca Trail. Not sure what was up with the guy there but when I was talking to the woman who was dealing with my payment, he walked over to the computer next to her and cranked up the volume on youtube. It was so loud I could barely hear her speaking to me. He also tried to tell me that I was supposed to pay 48 hours before the trip and I’m glad I had the E-mail print-out with me to wave at him, stating that they were OK with payment the day before. After paying all my charges, I was told that I would need to confirm if B was going ‘no later than 4:30, or 5, 5:15 but no later than 6’ – um, yeah, OK.

Stopped off for a few energy drinks on the way back to the hotel and confirmed with B that she wouldn’t make the hike. Time to head back to the tour office to work out the options but first I wanted to get a walk to the recommended viewpoint of San Cristobal church. It didn’t take much more than ten minutes up some bloody steep steps to get to the viewpoint, at which point I found that someone had nicked the map out of my pocket! Glad I never had any money in there and I’d be amused to see the persons face, when they worked out that what they had was worthless.
Cusco, Peru - 12th September 2009 - 9Made it back at the Llamapath offices on the way to the hotel, to go over the remaining options for B. Looks like the best bet is for her to take the one day, train tour that would meet up with me in Machu Picchu. While I was aware that the deposit was non-refundable, we couldn’t quite reach an understanding about transfer of use. They said the entrance ticket for the day was already pre-purchased with the deposit but they couldn’t use this ticket on the same day if B took the train instead. Seems a bit of a cop-out to keep your cash but as there’s not much one can do, we just had to write off the $170 and pay the full $220 for the train tour and an extra ticket. At least she’s getting to see the ruins, which is the main thing.

Next up, was the inca trail overview meeting.  Got to briefly meet the group that would share the experience for the following four days and had an introduction on what to expect along the way. Even though I’m concerned about B’s health, I’m really excited about getting to start my hike tomorrow, after a year of planning.