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Arequipa, Peru - 7th September 2009 - 9I figured that on a Monday, everyone would be at work and the streets would be a little calmer, so getting to the bank would be a good option. Proven wrong again, as Monday seems to be the day that everyone does their banking and the market was at its livliest so far. Thankfully there is more than one bank nearby, as the main bank had a line out the door and around the next block. The line was still there some time later!

There were only two people at the ATM in the BCP, so cash was acquired quickly. After getting enough cash out and dropping it back off at the hotel, it was time to check out the lively market and while I didn’t purchase anything, it was fantastic to soak up some of the culture as I snapped a few shots on my walk. There are vendors on the streets selling something that looks like watermelon juice and old weary men sat on the sidewalks are clutching at glasses of the stuff, like they were just given a cup of gold.  I love meandering through these kind of sights – priceless memories.