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After having a day of very mildly upset stomach in Nazca I’m now adjusted to the various bacteria, so it was time to get some more traditional food.

The hotel restaurant had a small selection of local food, so I went ahead and ordered the Rocotto Relleno and the Quesa Frito. The first ended up being a local spicy pepper, stuffed with meat, peas and spices – absolutely delicious. It also comes with potatoes and cheese, which seem to be a staple here. Seeing as Peru is known for its variety of potatoes, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The second dish was fried cheese and again, comes with a few potatoes on the side. I’m not sure what specific cheese this is but it’s quite bland, although not without some taste, and has the texture and colour of mozzerella. I don’t know if it’s their quality brand, or if it’s the Peruvian equivalent of American processed cheese slices.

Knowing how good the Pisco Sours have been, it was time to try something different. I tried both the Peru Libre, which tasted like Pisco and possibly lime juice, and Cuba Libre, which tasted like dark rum and coke. I’ll have to look up both at some point to see what’s actually in them.