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Originally, I was going to pick up the transit tickets either upon arrival in Peru, or hopefully via arrangement with one of the hotels I’m staying at. As Cruz Del Sur has an online ticketing option and they also have an English translation, I opted to try and get the three tickets necessary for the transport to Puno from Lima. I’m still thinking that doing this trip in the reverse order to what is common (Lima to Cusco by bus, instead of flying to Cusco and bus back) is causing more planning difficulties online than would be normal. Of course, the concept that this should be easily available online is amusing enough to me and shows my western failings and assumptions of technology.

Anyway, after registration for the online ordering, I was able to easily order the Lima to Nazca after some issues with the credit card authentication. Without going in to too much detail, the ‘verified by visa’ code wasn’t accepted and I was then locked out of my actual account. After getting the account unlocked, I was then able to complete the seat purchase but only when using Internet Explorer – Firefox just gave me a blank page and wouldn’t process the order. Some kind of oddness about the ticket ordering came apparent over the next two days when I tried to order the next tickets and kept getting a ‘Denied’ message. I’m not entirely sure why I get denied for successive tickets but 24 hours after one purchase, I was able to make my next purchase; three days for three ticket purchases.

One area that Cruz Del Sur could be more clear about is the (even approximate) transit times for all routes. The common routes look to have a timetable, but, some of the section routes, such as Nazca to Arequipa, (which is part of the Lima to Arequipa bus) fail to post an arrival time or duration. A couple of Emails via the contact form confirmed the approximations that I had seen travelers post on-line but really, what effort would it take to include this on the booking timetable itself?

Now the ordering is complete, it should be a simple case of picking up the tickets on arrival, although with a 9pm flight in and bus departure at 7am the next morning, it will be interesting to see how smooth the collection goes and whether I can get them on arrival or the next morning.