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It never ceases to amaze me how much of our memories are either lost, locked away, or just buried, under a congruence of new thoughts. The human mind, is often very unforgiving when it comes to not taking people for granted, making autonomous their existence and influence, the way that we absorb ultimately subconscious actions, such as walking or driving.

Does this mean they are unimportant elements of the past? certainly not. What it does mean however, is that we are all, no matter how rich or famous, ultimately destined to be forgotten as physical beings, given enough time. At the very best, some will remain as a collection of words on a page, or image on a screen. What is never lost, is the influence that we all leave on an individual which will eventually make its way, however filtered, to other generations who interact with the lineage before them. Every single one of us leaves a legacy, no matter how small or unapparent it may seem.

Here’s to those sub-conscious influences passed to me. While new memories sometimes smother older ones, the often invisible legacy will always continue.