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It’s been a long time since I felt passionate about work. Back in the days when money was more important to me than setting myself up for a stimulating solid future, I used to take whatever was offered and find myself bored within a very short space of time. Landing a job in streaming media back in 2002, things started to stir in me but yet again in recent times, have been pushed to the back-burner when work veered into other, less dynamic directions. Those stirrings were (and still are), about Video and QA.

During the current economic woes, I’m almost certainly about to find myself back in the position of unemployed but this time brings a big difference. Taking myself to task over correctly learning about the SDLC, QA principles and tools, I’ve discovered the embers of the previous fire that have not only started burning for my education, but have also been proactive in reaching out to hidden corners and pushing parts of myself back to the community – that’s something I’m feeling an element of pride about.

The ‘hidden corners’ could actually be the main focus of my re-discovered passion and perhaps just the canvas I’d been looking for in the past. I’ve always had intelligence, but often lacked the communicative process to get across my thoughts to others. After coupling my QA learning with another blog and some video presentations, I think I finally have a bridge to that communication process. Creating video overviews of all things QA has been exciting to learn as it is to produce, with the deeper I get into all things quality, the more my brain moves.

Of course it really doesn’t have to be QA; it’s all about this time, now, and discovering how the visual elements that enable me to become a better employee are actually opening up my vision of things I can achieve, while instilling a bit more of the self-belief that used to be so lacking. Now to just keep letting it go, and see where that creative flow takes me.