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Wonderful dream last night, visiting mum in our old house, in England.  The new owners were there but, she was allowed to stop in occasionally, for some unknown sentimental reasons.  I remember approaching the front gate (which is iconic for me, having met my father in my dreams, walking the same route) and asking some guy if he owned the house; said he did but to go on in.

I looked for parcels under the table as I entered the house, just as I used to, and headed into the kitchen/dining room, where mum was cleaning.  She told me that she was still clearing a few things out, and handed me two items of cutlery with extremely long handles; they looked old and ornate.  I recall thinking but not asking, that the new owners wouldn’t be too happy at us being in their home.  Mum replied that it was OK and that there was some kind of arrangement.  At that point, the owners came back and the female of the couple (some middle-aged woman that I didn’t recognise) was scowling and looked slightly annoyed.

I forget why, but we headed out toward the back garden and upon opening the kitchen doors, I had a panorama of the bay, except that it was the view that I normally saw from my bedroom window.  I stood there staring at the view for a while, at which point, it turned into a giant painting – the whole view was a canvas and I could see every brush-stroke that had gently swirled across the view; pinks and greys being the only colours I could pick out.  The painting began to move and the world became alive through it.

I think in the dream, I understood the relevance – life is art, it is a giant canvas and our ability to see the brush strokes can make the difference between it being a masterpiece, or an empty, flat interpretation.  I am not the artist and yet, as I understand how to see the brush strokes in everything, my own life will reveal the meaning I’m looking for, in this dynamic piece of constantly flowing art.

The biggest challenge, comes from learning to just let go of everything, and trust in the artist; to enjoy being part of the painting and what it represents.