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I’m getting both a little nervous and excited. Today I finally began the physical embodiment of my Peru yearning by making a payment on part of the trip. All is not without a sweat-less brow however, as I’ll explain shortly. First, I have to detail the actual agenda that was booked.

After bouncing back and forth between tour operators, I eventually came across the actual owners of the Refugio Amazonas, who, as luck would have it, take their own bookings online. While I realise that it’s another country with a different language (and by my own beliefs, I don’t see why they *should* supply anything but their own language), their website was a properly constructed English translation, as opposed to something that had been run through Google translate and dumped on a page, without any thought for grammar or structure.

I ultimately settled on the four day, three night offering and after some E-Mail conversation, added a canopy climb into the mix. I feel the need to point out that the E-Mail see-saw was quick and clear; nary a misplaced word and thusly a painless process.

The jury is out on round three, until I get the next E-Mail response. After reading the final E-Mail, which noted to fill out the online forms via the link, I navigated to the page which provided a link to both the Client info form, and the payment link. I filled out both, supplying my reservation number on the payment link and had confirmation of transaction receipts. I *think* that I was only supposed to fill out the client info forms and wait for the confirmation, before I made the payment. The original E-Mail wasn’t overly clear on this but I take responsibility that I could have read it wrong and, more importantly, didn’t ask them if I needed to make the payment at that point. Still, the payment is now made and I have a reference number to associate with it. Hopefully it will all fit into place over the next day or so.