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The final day of my current trip and I afforded myself the luxury of sleeping in and left at 8:30. With the liberal estimates for my driving and opting to skip breakfast in Orlando, I knew I had plenty of extra time to get to the airport.

This was by far the longest single and uneventful stretch of freeway that I’ve covered, upon which I only stopped a couple of times for fuel and food. Signs for boiled peanuts were again appearing but this time accompanied with ‘Gator heads’ and ‘Oranges’. Funny that I associate oranges with Florida, yet only see freeway stalls and signs for them, in Georgia. This stretch, took a total of eight hours to get to the outskirts of Atlanta from the motel and unfortunately, landed me in the area at the start of afternoon traffic. Summising that trying to exit the freeway for downtown to visit the Martin Luthor King memorial, was commuting suicide, I took the alternate route around Atlanta and headed for my other itinerary location, of Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain, ended up being somewhat of a disappointment on many levels. Firstly, the mountain isn’t really big enough to qualify as such, based on places I’ve visited thus far. It appeared to be more of a natural epitaph, to a hope that wasn’t fulfilled. Making it to the area, I still intended to get to the top and maybe get some kind of view, despite the haze of the day limiting the visibility. Of course, there’s an entrance fee, which was $8 cash only – cash only? well I guess these places still exist. Needless to say, I wasn’t carrying $8 in cash and was directed to swing around and follow the exit out. A waste of fuel and unecessary carbon but it did afford me plenty of time, to get to the airport.

With the extra time at the airport, I afforded myself a few beers and a cocktail before getting promptly boarded a little early, to the plane. Wishful thinking of a smooth dispatch soon dispersed, as we sat and waited for passengers from a connecting flight. Finally taxiing to the runway, I was roused from my relaxation by people commenting, on something outside. Turns out we were back at the gate to the pilot’s announcement, that all of the toilets were blocked and would need to get those fixed before take-off. I’m not fond of sitting in a plane for more than two hours as it is, so the extra 45 minutes made the flight that little more uncomfortable.

Eventually hit the sack at home, at almost 3:00AM – need to get up for work in three hours…