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Some days, you just wonder how they can cram so many steaming bodies into an airport, and then there are days like these. 4pm at SEATAC airport and the terminals are mostly empty and the TSA screening had (drum roll) two people in front of me. To top it off, the two hour flight cut to 1.5 hours and the pilot did a flyby of Mt Rainier; got some lovely video, although I was sat on the wrong side of the plane for the real close-up.

No compact cars available by enterprise rentals, so they threw me an odd assortment of alternatives, all of which had no cruise control. Every state I’ve rented from so far, has had cruise control on even the throwaway basic models and I have to say, my knee and foot are threatening my existence for the punishment.

After making good time out the airport and on to the freeway, I had to pull over for something resembling food and did so in Filmore, which is one of those freeway towns, that’s only existence appears to be serving gas and refreshments. I must say that the burger from Carl’s Jr is some of the best fast food I’ve had, with the jalapeño burger pretty outstanding and really hitting the spot. After devouring said burger, I needed to find a bathroom and opted for the gas station, next door (as the burger place was only drive-through by 10:35). Coming back out of the bathroom, the previously deserted store had been updated, with something resembling a 400lb woman (very loosely resembling), a bullish Asian kid, doing high kicks outside near the gas pumps, and a car full of wiry white kids in cowboy hats, who looked like they were heading off to Vegas. A bizarre, but amusing collection, that’s for sure.

I’m glad it was only a four hour drive from the airport and had guessed at a 1am arrival at my motel in St George. Even with the stopping, I managed to get to bed at 12:45, but not before checking out the fantastic night sky around here. There’s so little light pollution around, it’s a perfect relaxing way to finish up the evening.