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I’m making the most of a business trip to Utah this month and I’ve extended my stay, into the weekend, to be able to visit a couple of new locations and re-visit an endearing moment of 2007.

Included in this weekend sojourn, I’m covering Death Valley (California), Mojave National Preserve (California), Grand Canyon (Arizona) and Zion National Park (Utah), as well as an actual shot of the Salt Lake itself, this time. Full itinerary is up with other trips for this year on my notebook and continually in a process of update – all itineraries are subject to change.

The descent into the Grand Canyon, will follow the same Bright Angel trail as last time, except this time, I’m going physically and nutritionally prepared, and with an HD camcorder (and enough spare batteries for the camera). I’m still waiting to hear back, as to whether I need a permit for hiking at 3am; I’m hoping it’s still classed as a day hike and doesn’t need a permit. If I get the 3am start, I’ll be able to catch the sunrise from inside the canyon, and hopefully some night and dawn shots.

Speaking of the HD camcorder, this should be the first installment of the podcast I wanted to do, for all my future trips. Full spec of the camcorder can be found here.

I’m in the process of migrating all my photographs, to a Pro Flickr account. It’s going to be a long process, with around 3000 images going over. Last year’s roadtrips are now in the process of upload, hopefully to be complete before the start of my next trip in a few weeks. All naming and tagging will be done, but don’t expect map placement on pre-2008 shots, until later in the year. I’ll post the new link when the uploads are done and will update the photo’s page accordingly.