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Moving in to somewhere new is apparently stressful, but not for I – my bane has always been getting lumbered with the empty wallet for a period of time; money that I should be out travelling with, or just aimlessly spending. Part of the joys of low deposits on apartments, is the fact that you have nothing to roll on to the next move and that’s where I appear in this. Looks like I found a good enough place for now but I’m going to be broke for February (again), although at least this time, I’ll roll in to March with zero debts.

As Karma loans its hand to me on occasion, I was pondering things to do with a lack of money, while walking back home from QFC in the rain. Low and behold, there’s a table for free just a block from my apartment, right when I was considering buying one. Needs a little bit of TLC to make it quit wobbling but maybe there is someone looking down. Actually I think it’s another me shouting ‘open your eyes retard, what do I need to do, put a table physically in front of you?’

I’ve been chatting to some interesting people, after recently deciding to advertise my wares on the dating sites. One thing that’s so fucking annoying though is the ‘pay to read email response’ bollocks on match.com. I’m not shelling out $40 for messages that could be system generated responses – the people who winked are awfully intruiging though and I think would make excellent conversation; my brain aches for human stimulation at times. I have such a hard time in being a prostitute for my intellect though.

My mind is made up on my back tattoo – as soon as I come back from Peru, I’m going to have a mixed design of Andean Condor and native American Thunderbird on my back. Thunder is so empowering to me and after last years experiences, it’s time I marked myself again with a symbolic gesture of a turning point in my life. Thor would be so proud of me. Thinking of that reminds me of my father – his laugh was like thunder but don’t piss him off, unless you’re prepared to get flattened by his hammers. I miss him so very much.

It’s painfully obvious that classic literature, doesn’t equate to great reading. I’m determined to finish Madame Bovary (six months, to get halfway through so far). Everyone I’ve talked to did not make it through, so I consider it a social obligation to complete it. I have a need to get to the end, however painfully slow it takes me, just so I can honestly say whether it has some inspiration. So far, it’s reading like an abusively long post in an agony aunt column. I’m seriously wondering why people could tolerate this kind of shite; a woman who is too busy complaining about the boredom of life, to actually get off her ass to do anything. Stay tuned though, as she may do something later on! (I can hardly wait).

I’m finally in the throes of buying a macbook from my boss, which is going to be perfect for my travels. All I need now is the HD camcorder and I’m set for making a video diary of the travel this year. Go me.

Final thought of the day – I miss the Grand Canyon so much. I need to spend more time with my brethren, the Condors – and Thor – and Dionysos; what they see in me, I’ll never know.