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I really need to invest in some geotagging kit before my next big outing. I thought catching up with the past trips in Picasa was bad enough but almost 280 this time from the NY trip and all hand tagged, mapped and named. I’m actually thinking it’s going to be a requirement in Peru, because I don’t think Google does a street view, of lost civilisations. One of the other things on my mind too, is the necessity to get an HD video camera. It played on my mind doubly so, after seeing a few podcasts of American Roadtrips and thinking ‘You know, my trips are more interesting than that, and this could be fun.’ Of course that means even more hardware to take with me, as I’d still want to carry the point-and-click for those spontaneous moments.

I jumped in the bath earlier for a long soak, after watching the rain out the window; 45 minutes later and there’s a thick layer of white, covering the area. It’s still coming down, off-and-on now but I expect it to have gone by the morning. At least I hope it’s gone by the morning, otherwise I’ll be sliding into work, instead of either walking or cycling.

I found a fairly interesting apartment downtown, that I need to call up about tomorrow. Tons of light, a little bigger than my place right now and access to a roof deck.

Cooking time last night with (finally) a version of General Tso’s, that ended up looking like food, rather than primordial soup. Baked another loaf of the zucchini bread which turned out so light and moist, I can’t leave it alone 😦 Just have to throw together some eggdrop soup for work tomorrow and I’m all set.