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I’m not such a fan of the cold and wet wintry days, on my own. Managing to become poorer than hell while overspending in NY is my own daft fault but you know, it’s nice to have the cash sometimes, to go for a drink and meal in front of a fire someplace, or invite friends out for company. I’m thinking, if I hadn’t skipped Florida for Xmas, I’d be a lot more recharged by now (and even poorer than poor).

Even though I’ve hardly ventured outside my apartment the last few days, it’s taken me bloody forever to finally get my pictures sorted, tagged and edited. It’s still going to take me this week to upload them to Picasa and add the map locations, seeing as there’s almost 300 of them. I did get one of the blog entries up though and started the documents I wanted, for planning out the events I would like to happen this year. I made some amazing baked meatballs too (recipe on my cooking website), all of which are gone now 😦 but I’m fairly content, if nothing else.

I like being on the road but just as much, I like sharing companionship and today I’ve been lucky to be blessed with the subtle joy of two of my friends, just when it was needed. Paul, sent me this wonderful online animation, that certainly makes me feel quite the opposite of redundant and then Pam was able to hang out, for a viewing of ‘I Am Legend’.

Speaking of the movie, I really liked it, save a couple of religious overtones that crept in. Will Smith impressed me, with the stronger acting skills he seems to be developing and I’m looking forward to seeing him, playing these kinds of roles again.

They really could have dumped the whole divine intervention factor and put something more intelligent in. Catering to the ‘general public’ is only excusable, when the first ¾ of the movie entertains the masses. This was far too thoughtful, for most people to sit through and I don’t think it would have lost anyone, had the story panned out different. Oh, and it’s a theater movie – I can’t see the desolation coming across as well, on a small screen.

I need to be up at 7am tomorrow, to try and wrap up testing before the Dev gets online. Thankfully I’m working from home, and don’t have far to crawl, to the computer.