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Well, the bad things that happened today were certainly experiences I could have done without and marred the good things that did happen. The day got off to a flying start, with me getting up at 5:30am and on the road at 6:00am. Cheap coffee, McDonald’s breakfast and a few hours later, saw me arriving in Louisville.

For a Saturday morning this place was deserted and I later found out, it’s not exactly the hub of the city but, the architecture was pleasing and the Ali center was quite easy to find. If you ever visit, be sure to use the car-park for the center itself, instead of doing like me and grabbing a metered slot in the street.

The center is spacious and well laid out, covering many aspects of the man’s career in some wonderful audio and visual representations. The idea of the place, is to educate and promote many of the traits missing in kids these days (and a lot of adults too) such as pride, dignity, honesty, courage and respect. It’s certainly not all roses either, with the often little-publicised darker sides to Ali’s life shown, with the emphasis that it takes courage to learn from your mistakes, admit when you’re wrong and change. I will endeavor to come back and spend much longer here, than my current hour allowed.

After heading out, I took in a quick walk up to a monument of general George Rogers Clark, which also included a view of the Ohio River and Indiana, on the opposite side. Turning around, I took a couple of shots toward the interior of the city, again quite puzzled by the lack of people. If I’m coming back for more time in the center I should like to spend longer in the streets, to see what the heart of Louisville has to offer.

Just as I was pulling into the turn lane to leave the area, I collided with a pickup truck that was flying up the inside. I know I checked behind me just before I went and gave clear signals. I don’t think his wearing sunglasses and later statement that he didn’t see me do much for his part in it but that aside, I take full responsibility for my actions and move on. Luckily nobody was hurt and there was minimal damage. Now I find out he’s claiming brake and engine problems, even though I didn’t connect with that areaof his vehicle.

After the collision and the time loss, I had to make a choice of either cutting short the rest of the trip and just dropping down to New Orleans, or carry on with an altered itinerary. Coming this far, I was not about to give up completely, despite being quite dejected about he whole affair. What I’ve decided to do, is head for Chattanooga, cutting off a five state chunk. Not entirely thrilled about it, but I live to return another day and still get two states covered that I would have missed, had I gone straight to New Orleans.

Just south of Cincinnati, I passed what has to be one of the most amusing names on my travels so far – ‘Big Bone Lick state park’ and according to the internet, just a few miles away is Big Beaver Lick; I kid you not.

Making good time for a restful evening, I became the third person on the scene of the worst accident I’ve ever been near. Clothes and toys, strewn all over the freeway and a family running from a car, that was crumpled and battered after rolling into the distance. Fortunately, everyone from this car including a baby were fine, which is more than could be said for the poor bastards who were trapped upside down in a crushed pickup, down in a bush covered ditch. Going down to see if I could help the woman who was the first on the scene, I found out that the male driver was still alive but there was no response from his wife – yeah, happy thanksgiving. I hope she made it through.

After all that, I was glad to arrive in my Chattanooga motel for a good sleep. I found I could access the free WiFi, from the motel across the street and nipped into the garage next door for a cold beer. I like eventful days but not so much the memories, of pain and sadness.