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It seems a local delicacy is ‘Fried Pie’. I’ve still yet to try one but I’m seeing the signs all over the place. It will probably go downs in the same annals as the ‘deep fried Mars Bar’ and just as obscure, wrong, but damn tasty.

Well, what a cool tour Graceland turned out to be. The place was packed out and I’m glad I’m not here during tourist season, as it must be horrendous. The house and grounds are oddly placed, right on the main road and aisled by worn-down shops, dirty buildings and a disheveled road. The tour and accompanying attractions were worth the $30 and I ended up spending two hours there, even while rushing through.

The house is a lot smaller than I expected, in fact everything was smaller than I expected. I think the expectation came from the hype and naming conventions (it’s not really a mansion). The tour doesn’t include the upstairs (Elvis apparently considered the bedrooms sacred) but the rooms that were on show, were well arranged and the touch of flamboyance was evident in the furniture and decor. The best part of the tour overall, was the array of outfits on show. I’ve never seen so many jumpsuits and sequins; the long rows of gold discs were also amazingly impressive. If I’m ever in Memphis again, I’d love to come back and spend a day, drifting through everything.

Finally leaving Graceland, time was catching up and I was getting a little tired from the twelve hour day of driving. At this point it was also dark, so rather than stumble around trying to find my way to and around the city, I opted to head straight to Nashville and the motel. Tomorrow I get to view another exhbition, but this time to one of my peers and heroes, Muhammad Ali.