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What with the money issue and an hour delay from the flight, I’ve made the first sacrifice of the trip – opting out of the (2nd revision) Galveston/Houston Space Center trip and will catch up some time, going direct to Dallas instead.

Currently I’m taking a break in Huntsville, at the statue of Sam Houston. His quote on the statue of ‘Govern wisely, and as little as possible.’ is quite the phrase; a pity not many people in power, follow that approach. The statue itself is 67ft tall and quite striking. While walking up to it, a cat shot through the bushes, scared by my appearance and launched itself into the undergrowth. Later up the road I saw a cat that had been run over so I’m presuming, these people either don’t care about their pets, or don’t keep tabs on their breeding in the wild.

The weather is not quite what I was expecting for Texas, with rain about to set in and a cold breeze that’s chilly to the bone. Hopefully it will get better up the road, or at least be offset by some good views.

Choice of radio is very sparse unless you like Country or Jesus. I did amuse myself with the Christian radio show for a bit and learned how I can win the battle, against the demons. I’m sure it will be important at some point 😐 I just couldn’t stick listening to the Country stations, for more than a minute and the Christian Country was just dire. My only choices left, were the resulting jump between a station that floated in and out (with rap and rock) and a Spanish station, where I recognised all the songs as being famous, but redone with that Mexican feel (‘Back on the chain gang’ by The Pretenders, in Spanish with an accordion no less!). Something is sending shivers down my spine, that this will be the extent of my radio exposure for the majority of this trip *shudder*.