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Woke up as planned with the alarm at 4:00am and hit the road at 4:40, with it still pitch black at this point and an amazing array of stars visible.

The Sunrise was predicted at around 6am and it was starting to show the hint of light at 5:30, so I knew I’d just miss the first light of the Sun at the canyon but just being here is enough really. I could have driven faster, but what’s the point in killing myself or animals, for the sake of a Sunrise.

I did only just miss the first glow between the canyon but this is still amazing and very worth it. Some mist to one side, filling the air with its smokey whiteness, while the rest of the canyon walls, reflect the Sun in purples and reds; it’s certainly a wonderful sight. There are plenty of people here but they’re here for the same reason and are silent in awe, at watching the morning colours.

Now to find a more permanent place to park and find the entrance to the Bright Angel trail.