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On a whim and having a little extra time, I took directions for a monument called Hovenweep. After what seemed an eternal drive and ending up on roads you could easily lose bearings on, I got to the monument. It turns out, that this place is semi-popular with passing tourists and there were a handful, that had also made the trek out here.

After purchasing a few items in the store (all proceeds support the local people/sacred places directly), I scooted off to try and get around what was estimated a two hour walk, in about forty minutes. It was getting bloody warm again at this point and despite the ruins being perched on the edge of a mini canyon, the surrounding area is flat and without much shade; there is a beautiful range on the horizon to break up the flatness, called Sleeping Ute. Still, I did make it around in under an hour and soaked up plenty of the wonderful history, that these ruins emanate.

Trying to get back out of Hovenweep and on to the road I was taking, seemed to go awry somewhere but I’m not sure where, as the criss-crossing minor roads have no directional signs. By chance, there was a small wooden sign at the end of a dirt portion of the road, that pointed me toward a town I saw on the map, called Aneth. This requires me to mention that, had I not picked up a map at the monument, I’d be totally lost still and could have spent all day, heading in the wrong direction. Your lesson here is, don’t trust Google maps. I’ve said this to myself multiple times this year and still find myself lacking.