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Back on the road again at 7:30am this morning, after not waking up for the alarm. I must remember to get a wake-up call, or figure out what’s wrong with my phone alarm for last day tomorrow. I sure don’t want to be missing the sunrise at the Grand Canyon.

Had to miss out visiting Boulder, due to the late start. I’m sure there’s not much there (and likely would have ruined my fantasy pilgrimage, to Mork and Mindy land). I do need to make sure I’m bang on time today though, so I don’t miss out on Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque later today. I wiped most of the smaller petroglyph areas off my itinerary in favour of that one, so it would be a little let-down if I don’t get there.

Colorado is nice and I’d love to come back, but I’m flying in direct if I do. It’s truly beautiful country here, but it just goes on, and on, and on, like you’re on a country conveyor.

The day started with a beautiful morning, although they forecast storms for today (but it’s been good so far) and we’ll see if my locations, bear any of that weather prediction some fruit.