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These little missions are wonderful places but disappointingly, this ended up being a seemingly popular tourist trap. I was a little put off as I spent a good ten minutes just trying to get a clean shot of the church, without people wandering into the frame. Certainly not as aesthetically pleasing as the San Xavier du Bac mission the other day, but obviously still worth the experience.

Something that made up for the lack of spiritual experience, was the roadside food stall on the way out, while passing through the Nambe reservation. Literally thrown together at the side of the road, were offerings of baked corn, tacos and other goods, made by their respective country-folk. The corn was absolutely gorgeous; so succulent and sweet. A little further away on the other end of the lay-by was a jerky trailer, selling something like 30 individual flavours of beef-jerky. I opted for chili-lime, habanero and lime salt. Jerky that’s cured by hand and flavoured in this way is amazing and when it re-hydrates in your mouth, as it hits the saliva, all kinds of flavours are released to the tongue. If I’m back in New Mexico at some point, I’ll make a big note of coming here again.

It was interesting driving through Santa Fe and on to Albuquerque, soaking up all the adobe architecture. It’s applaudable and somewhat amusing, that even the apartment buildings are designed to look the same. They do look a little stone-age but a delight, all the same.