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Pecos has turned out to be one of the highlights of this trip and certainly the best thing, since the first day in Arizona. Just to be surrounded by the remnants of long-gone civilisations and get a glimpse of how these people had lived, is just phenomenal for me.

There was access to the Kivas and as soon as I descended into one to get some shots, the sky opened up above ground. With no other shelter to be had before I finish getting around the ruins, I had no choice but to laugh and soak up all the energy the storm was giving me, after climbing back out the Kiva. I was literally soaked to the skin within a minute but man, it felt so good. Thunder and lightning going off everywhere, such a sweet smell in the air and the warm heavy rain, cleansing every part of me. If there are any spirits of the past around this place, this was certainly their gift to me.