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After stupidly forgetting to put gas in at my last stop for coffee, I’ve had to take this brief diversion at a dirt-town called Wagon Wheel, which is marked as an historic site. After waiting forever at the pump, behind a cop who was filling up a fairly new Dodge Charger (must be their intercept car), I headed back on to the freeway and right in-between a couple of huge storms. Literally right in the middle, with lightening either side of me and the sound of a torrent, hitting nearby grounds.

It’s an amazing sight here after heading into more storms. Such a beautiful contrast, with the sky to my right, an angry, dark, black shroud across the land and thick branches of light, punching the ground. To the left, there were some clouds with the Sun illuminating them from behind and then patches of the deepest blue sky, nestled around. It’s almost surreal and such a beautiful view.

The storm is sufficiently gusty enough, to need me holding on tight to the wheel. I can feel the physical push, which isn’t so wonderful in an economy car 😦

I have finally made it across the Colorado line however, which means I’m nearer my rest for the night. the storms are still powering on all over the place, but I think enough diary for tonight; time to get to that bed safe and sound, so I can refresh my weary travel eyes, with sleep.