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About seven miles outside of Casa Grande, I got hit by the most incredible smell of Jasmine overpowering the air, which was totally unexpected and really beautiful. This pleasure was turned to amusement, after seeing the sign for a McDonald’s, one mile from the monument. They sure have an interesting grasp on where to market food.

The city of Coolridge where Casa Grande is located, was founded in 1925 it seems and I’m curious whether it was founded, just to accommodate visitation of the ruins.

After a missed turn and careering around some closed roads, I eventually got into the site car park. To my dismay, all doors to the visitor centre where closed and all gates tot he ruins, locked. Eventually a ranger had pulled up and I asked him whether the place would be opening. Apparently, there was a huge wind storm on the Wednesday, which had taken out the power and they were still recovering. I guess there’s my answer then – no close-up visitation this time around unfortunately. It really is a shame too as ‘Grande’ is certainly an apt word in this case, as this Casa is huge, even from this distance. I did come away with a few pics though and my first glimpses of lizards in the wild. I must say that I thought that pet lizards were fast but these things are like lightening.

Off to Tucson next and the temp has dropped a little; Down to 106 from 110 🙂 The steering wheel is almost too hot to touch, after fifteen minutes parked.