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Such a lovely experience getting pulled over for speeding and finding that the cop has already decided you’re guilty of hiding something illegal. I stood out in the cool air while this young barrel-chested fool, had the dog sniff the car multiple times and then shove instruments of torture between seat linings and side-panels of the car. The dog was smelling something (old pack of beef jerky I think) in my bag but instead of this idiot looking in the bag, he wanted to strip the car. Early on in the ‘investigation’ I was brow-beaten with the same lines of ‘what are we going to find in the car’ and ‘do you have any concealed weapons’. This joke lasted for almost an hour before he decided that the car and I were both clean but left me with the parting gift of ‘I should really get my knife and rip the seats to pieces’; yes he wasn’t very happy that I really wasn’t carrying a fucking thing. Not only did this piss me off greatly, it managed to kill my chance of viewing of a driving sunset, a recommended sightseeing area and any chance I had of a peaceful early-ish passage to my motel. I did just about manage to keep my tongue civil, although he would goad me on occasion to seemingly get a reaction of guilt.

I’m still about an hour from Belle Fourche but it’s a smooth drive for the most part, down the 85. So many stars abound and the odd deer munching on shrubs, that I would never see until I was passing. Actually, I did see one that I had to career around, as its antlers were blocking a portion of road.

I’m getting fairly tired now, after 4 hours sleep in two days. So much so, that I’m spotting odd animals, like miniature griffins and armadillos, that really aren’t there (or are just rocks).

There’s a wonderful storm of a deep orange on the horizon . It would look amazing in the day but for now, I’m happy to sit back on this straight road and admire natures’ play.