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Well, that was some crazy-ass lightning last night. Apart from various other things keeping me awake, the constant flashing for three hours, made it virtually impossible to drift off. When I say constant, I mean that too. Flashing every few seconds, even at the low points and when the edge of the storm itself finally hit, the thunder and flashes intensified greatly. I have a few minutes of it on VGA video, which will make for a very nice memory indeed.

I did manage to get around half of the place painted, while sweating my balls off (no A/C) which, considering I didn’t start until three hours after originally intended, is pretty good going. Just two more rooms and the electrical changes to go.

Now I get to hit the road for the rest of the day and after only around two hours sleep. Still, the open road and warm breeze in my face should make for a pleasing drive, for the next eleven hours.