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After a rather late night of much alcohol (attempting to get drowsy enough to sleep) and long conversations, we finally hit the road over an hour later than scheduled, but still managed to catch up time when we reached Kennewick, by going a little faster than intended. Issaquah was a wonderful sight in the early morning, with drifting mist and low-laying cloud across portions of the landscape and was a considerable contrast to the rest of the drive – clear skies, browning landscapes and 90F weather. I re-discovered my stupidity after taking the top down of the car from Kennewick and ending up with really bad lobster sunburn, several hours later.

The remainder of the journey to Salt lake City, was for the most part uneventful with some brief stops including Twin Falls in Idaho. Despite catching up time for a large part of the journey, we still ended up losing an hour and a half and not getting to the campground until 8:30pm. After putting up the tent, I opted for using the camp facilities of a tepid pool and scorching hot tub, which helped my sunburn to feel like my skin was melting off my body.

Thirteen hours on the road and the longest straight drive out the way. Despite the quietness of my road partner (and her sleeping most of the time), I still craved some real alone time. Looks like that will be waiting until I get to the Grand Canyon in September.