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Some things are meant to inform and other things just make you do the fuckity dance. The dance started gently a couple of weeks ago, when I saw the flight to Phoenix I’d like later in the year reduced by $55. Now the dance is in full swing, with the further reduction to $204 which makes the saving a total of $114. I just know this price will suddenly shoot back up, when I come to purchase tickets next month. I’d buy the bloody things this week except I’m paying for my flight to Tennessee.

I got all giggly over some magical words from my boss this morning, the words ‘let me know when code is complete and I’ll deploy to our servers’ and ‘great job!’. My code is complete, it’s being deployed! OK so into perspective, the code is a crappy hack’n’slash, cut’n’paste that a teenager could piss all over, but it’s my first official deployment of code.