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This story piqued my interest enough to call the number and hear the Sounds of a dying glacier. I have no idea if it was mixed sounds or distortion but the high pitched almost data-like noise, mixed with the similarity of a toilet refilling had me surprised. I had assumed glaciers fade out in drips, with the occasional crack and groan but I guess I was wrong. Funny how perceptions do that.

I installed Safari and must admit, it’s screamingly fast. I don’t like not being able to click a bar to get an instant tab but I guess like all things, it takes getting used to. I’m not prepared to have it as my main browser at this point – we’ll have to see how much use it gets from me. What’s up with the website though? most of the ‘features’ it’s touting are available with other browsers and (for me) done better; again, personal choice.