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I’ve been following a couple of up-and-coming fighters with the hope that they’ll break the cycle of some terrible boxing of these current years. Now I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of fighting but I still love watching the one-on-one sportsmanship and skill. It is increasingly evident though, that most fighters these days are looking for the single knock-out shot, which makes for a really dull fight. I grew up with heavyweights that land at least dozens of shots per round, not per fight and often kick myself for getting excited and fooling myself over potential ‘great’ match ups. I don’t know whether it’s the amount of money in the game, or just the lack of warriors for the sport but I do believe that as soon as we have multiple great champions again, there will be a flow of contenders who move up a level and deliver the memories of old.

The current UK crop I’m holding good hopes for, with Amir Khan at the head of that list – the boy has tremendous speed and talent, but I hope he goes all the way to clean up the division. There’s nothing more frustrating than a potentially great fighter, who we see maybe once or twice a year for a fractional meaningless fight. Maybe the good old days really have gone and if that’s the case, I for one will always miss them.