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Chicago, Chicago, you’re my kinda town… actually, you really are. Considering the impression that Kansas City left me and now Chicago decimating that, fuck knows how I’ll be, by time I get to New York city. For me it’s all about the subtleties, angles and stories in the buildings. I love finding an obscured gargoyle or marble head that’s been crowded by a new design, yet is powerful enough to still make its mark and I feel privileged to be one of the few to appreciate it.

Chicago is another place I’m certainly going to need to come back to; a single day doesn’t do even a portion of this justice, after getting thrown between the new and the old and figuring out the best way to spend my limited time.

Lake Michigan could easily be mistaken for an ocean bay and I took a stroll along the ‘beach’, soaking up that air you usually see on some obscure TV drama. Beefcake joggers and rollerbladers in hot pants, flew past me, in their own worlds. Well to be honest I can’t really say much more about this place except that it’s incredible and the only thing I can do is list the places I managed to cover: Sears Tower (103 floors in 45 seconds), John Hancock Center (8 floors in 4 seconds), Lake Michigan, Michigan Ave., The Old Water Tower, Wrigley Building, Millennium Park, and a whole bunch of downtown walking.

My neck and back are so damn sore from staring up, so I’m glad to be sat here in the airport bar, numbing the pain a little. I have two hours before I fly to my layover in Vegas before home, so I thought I should make a final post before I forget.

So the final toll on a rental car that started with 900 miles on the clock? An additional 1800 miles and about $100 in gas, so not bad at all. I did figure out that the city to city Google directions are accurate but the minor details are not and my driving instinct is often better than the maps. The major city points are the ones worth going to, but most of the small town items are missable (only real exception being the Lincoln Tomb) unless you find yourself in the town, with time on your hands .

I can’t believe my four days are now up but I’m full of much inspiration and ideas for the next trip, in four weeks time. A day of rest and then I need to start getting my next itinerary together.