Motel6, Iowa – Evening.

Go me. I think the whole Google map thing earlier and my eleven hours driving off of two hours sleep, has caught up with me. I followed the Google link, forgetting I knew they didn’t show the right one and I never followed my instructions on the page below it 😐

Did kill another two birds with one stone though, as I hadn’t intended to go to Des Moines until tomorrow a.m but I got a random tour of the town at night, while fumbling my way to the map marking that wasn’t the right place and then seeing the more quirkier tall buildings lit up, in a surprising effective way (copper, yellow and red). That covered everything I had planned and I know the buildings won’t look nearly as good in the day. My biggest comment on Des Moines, would be that the freeway system seems to be several orders of magnitude larger than the city itself. I’m sure it’s not but it’s built in such a way to give that perception.

I did get my second feeling of ‘wrong neighborhood’ when down one of the closed off streets, as two bikers slowed down to stare at me and a couple of cars turned their lights off, before rolling to a stop on the bridge and getting out to presumably exchange things (unless they just like each others hands that much). Des Moines just seems a real shady place all round and I won’t be missing it.

Now I’m finally in a room for the night and despite them only having a shower instead of a tub (I like soaking damnit!), I’m going to scrub and catch up on that missing sleep – early start tomorrow!


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