Cincinnatti Airport, Ohio – One Flight to go.

So sleepy. Two hours of slightly uncomfortable sleep was all I managed to garner, from a four hour flight and funnily enough, just about when the movie Bridge to Terabithia started to play. I don’t feel too bad as yet, mostly because it’s fairly bright out but then I’m three hours ahead of my normal time zone. My head doesn’t touch a pillow for another fifteen hours so, I reckon coffee will be forthcoming.

I believe my maximum personal flight time is around four hours, with anything after getting me really uncomfortable and irritated. Ah well, I have always maintained I only enjoy the take-off and landing. It’s always nice to see the Sun coming up from above ground though, subtly catching the embers of flickering lights, while gentle clouds scatter them to occasional darkness, such as a breeze on a dying fire. Visuals like those make the extra discomfort sometimes very worthwhile. I managed to avoid too much of the bouncy even though it started to look quite promising and got a nice shot of some empirical cloud towers bleached with the Sun.

I’m not sure if it’s the time of day here or the local people, but there sure are some creepy and downright odd looking animals in this airport.

Well, one hour until my connecting flight so I better get something more substantial in the gut, seeing as the flight snacks were like trick-or-treat leftovers. I don’t want to be stopping later; soon as I get to Chicago, I need to grab the car and go.


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