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Good start to the evening, with my flight already thirty-five minutes delayed, although I’m not as unfortunate as the Atlanta flight; I heard them informing the passengers that they’ll put them up in a hotel overnight with meal vouchers and a flight out tomorrow morning. Another reason I bought the laptop with me is for that very reason – in case I get stranded for a day, so at least I can still do my job. The good news is that I have an almost three hour layover in Cincinnati, so I don’t mind losing some of that.

I’m actually really tired right now and wouldn’t mind sleeping. I think the cycling, beer and bit ‘o warm fresh air today, has made me ripe for it.

Interesting shenanigans on the way through the checkpoint, when some kind of ‘security incident’ rendered everything on hold albeit for fifteen minutes. I may seem to point out the minor stuff but I’ve not been on to many solo trips and this one is a feeler and learning experience for the others this year.

They have a bar here – maybe another drink would be in order.